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Title: ARP start/stop with MIDI in
Post by: Aken on August 11, 2019, 08:56:03 pm
I figured out that when the Microfreak is a slave to another gear via the MIDI cable, it will sync to the other gear's tempo (thanks god), but the ARP will not be in phase with it. Actually, the phase of the ARP really depends on the moment you push the ARP button, which makes it totally unusable in a live situation.

Please fix this :) The ARP needs to snap to the nearest beat to follow the tempo perfectly in sync because currently, we have sometimes to try multiple times turning it on and off to get it on the beat.
Title: Re: ARP start/stop with MIDI in
Post by: FraIso on March 28, 2020, 11:53:53 am

Did you get a solution? I'm having the same problem, internal sequencer follows the tempo, but starts not in sync and it's pretty useles....
Title: Re: ARP start/stop with MIDI in
Post by: aguadopd on July 03, 2021, 09:10:52 pm
Did you find any solution to this?

I found out that the MicroFreak's internal beat clock needs a `START` message over the MIDI Beat Clock signal, in order to restart itself. Check if your DAW can be configured to send a `START` every time you start moving the playhead (when you press play). Also, you need to connect the DAW's generated clock to the MicroFreak, but that's probably already done since you say that you have matched tempos.
I wrote a bit more in .

Ardour (6.7.0) is only sending `START` when you start from the start of the timeline (00:00:00:00); you can inspect that with some MIDI inspector.
It seems that Cubase can be configured to always send `START` instead of `CONTINUE`: .

Someone at suggested using a programmable MIDI processor/cable ( to do it with hardware.

EDIT: I solved it with a midi-mapping plugin, converting CONTINUE messages to START. See more here