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Title: Thank you for this tiny gem, Arturia
Post by: rgarner on July 09, 2019, 11:45:36 pm
I have a Sub 37, a Korg Prologue, a Minilogue, a Behringer Model D, and none of them are as much sheer fun to play as this. The design is hugely thoughtful  nearly everything I thought I might be able to do I could. The filter is quite lovely (the sweeps are so Daft Punk, love it), the keyboard is incredible (so fast and expressive), and works as well with something like Repro-5 as it does itself. The sequencer's one of the easiest to use, real-time recording is great (I never came across one that puts the ties in the right places before), flipping between two patterns is so useful. And that matrix! Such depth.

Your manuals are excellent and human every manual should have cheat sheets like yours.

This is my first piece of Arturia equipment, and a few issues notwithstanding, won't be my last.

Thank you. I hope you're really proud of this synth.