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Title: Controlling Leslie speed AND brake controls with a single expression pedal
Post by: fredmant on June 16, 2019, 01:41:33 pm
There are two left-right toggle switches for the Arturia B3 V2, fast / slow and  stop / run.  I have gotten used to a single foot expression pedal controlling all these functions with my Air DB33 (excellent sounding) plugin. Pedal up is rotate slow, pedal down to rotate fast and in the middle the brake is applied. It is so natural and gives you the option to enter either speed from braked, or brake from either speed. I hope Arturia can re-design the midi controls for their V2 to work similarly. Right now, I can't figure out how to assign two features to one pedal. Maybe there is a way but I think a 3 choice solution would be better. I read in the manual that there is a 3 choice setting for some controls. Page 10 of the new B3 V2 manual goes into some detail about 3 way switching.