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Title: Resizing Window Issue V6/7
Post by: fenderchris on May 23, 2019, 04:00:54 pm
If I use 'Resize Window' to set any of the V Collection Standalone Instruments to fill my screen, then launch my DAW (Nuendo) and open the Plugin version, the plugin is much too large to fit on the screen.
If I reduce the size of the plugin window so that it sits nicely in the DAW, it is much too small when I subsequently open the Standalone version! - This is very annoying as I constantly have to adjust the settings when switching from Standalone to DAW/Plugin versions.

I believe this is because the Standalone and Plugin versions of each instrument both use the same Resize Window setting.

It would be better if the window size settings could be stored separately for the Standalone and Plugin versions. Would this be possible in an update?