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Title: Sequencer Transpose Button and Keyboard functionality. Is this a Bug?
Post by: LBH on May 18, 2019, 05:04:56 pm
When the Sequencer Transpose button is activated, then the Keyboard seems to be disconnected for anything else than the sequence.

If you have the Envelope Shaper Switch set to "Keyboard" or "Both", then the Keyboard have no affect on anything but resey the Sequencer to step 1.
If you in example in the Matrix have Keyboard pinned to control an OSC that's not set to be controlled by the Sequencer, then the played note have no effect on the pitch for that OSC, like one exspect it should. Is this a bug?

I would like the Keyboard was'nt deactivated like described above, when the Sequencer Transpose is activated.
And i would like an option to select if the Sequencer should be reset or not, when a note is played.