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Title: Buyers Questions
Post by: alexat on May 04, 2019, 02:40:44 pm
Hi guys,

I want to buy an AudioFuse and have still some questions:

1) What's your roundtrip / input / output latency in your daw - what buffersizes are needed to playback 8-16 tracks with 2 or 3 vst instruments without dropouts? (with the latest firmware and using Windows)?
2) Are the built in headphone amps powerfull enough to drive 300 or 600 Ohm headphones in an loud environment?
3) Is the audio output still available for other windows applications while running a DAW - at least is it possible to switch to a browser tab - playback a youtube video with audio and alt+tab back into the daw. (This ist not possible with my current autio interface and this drives me crazy)
4) Has anyone successfully tried  to record an Fractal Audio Unit via the SPDIF-Inputs under Windows?
5) Would you buy the interface again?

thx a lot