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Title: Strange things happening
Post by: gphantom on April 19, 2019, 05:34:45 pm
It may not be an actual problem but it's certainly strange.
Controller: KEYSTEP
Synth: Analog Lab 3 (Latest)
Instrument: DX7
Preset: Electro Beat
Situation: a dozen keys entered into the sequencer then played back at 1/4 time at slow rate.
Event: Synth now plays back the sequence at slower speed.  The same occurs with other sequencer presets.  Even if I re-select the preset, it continues playing at a slow rate.
Resolved: Increase keystep's sequencer to 1/32 time and modify rate until the preset starts playing the sequence at about the same speed as original.

It seems to me that a keystep sequencer can modify an AL3's preset sequencer's rate, even though I don't have a DX7 instrument.  Will really have to explore this one in detail.
Is it a fluke, will it happen again when I reboot my computer?  Who knows.  Technically, there should be no reason for this to happen unless the software causes an interaction with the keystep's sequencer....