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Title: Sustain Pedal , MiDI Cables
Post by: Lakelander on February 04, 2019, 10:51:52 pm
Hello , I am new to the forum. I would like to ask several questions,

1- I have a Keylab Essentials 61 keyboard. I was wondering what is the recommended sustain pedal for this particular unit that I can buy from Amazon ?

2- KL Essentila has one MIDI out. I have Focusrite Claret Pre USB external audio interface with MIDI in and OUT ports. I am trying to figure how do I  make a proper connections and what type of connectors I need for

MAC laptop > Keylab>Focusrite ?  IS this the correct part for this purpose :

Thank you all
Title: Re: Sustain Pedal , MiDI Cables
Post by: MajorFubar on February 04, 2019, 11:37:24 pm

Any sustain pedal should work. It's basically just a foot operated switch. I bought the M-Audio SP-2. It works really well but suffers badly from 'floor creep' on my laminate floor. I've been thinking of buying a rubber floor mat to put under it.

The MIDI cable you linked to is a USB MIDI interface for connecting computers to old synths and workstations which do not have a USB connection. It is not what you need. Personally I would connect the KeyLab Essential direct to your computer with a USB cable, but if you're intent on connecting it to your Focusrite, you will need a regular DIN to DIN MIDI cable like this one:

You will also need a 9V DC mains adaptor (wall wart) to power the KeyLab Essential, because MIDI cables do not carry power, only digital data.

Given that you are not intending to use your KeyLab Essential with legacy MIDI gear, you really would be far better off just connecting it directly to your computer or to a USB hub, which will eliminate the need for old-fashioned MIDI cables and a separate power supply.