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Title: Is there a preset for the repeated chord notes in Genesis Mama intro/verses?
Post by: robert_e_bone on February 03, 2019, 05:32:43 am
Hi - is there any Arturia sound in the V Collection 6, that resembles the repeating chord sounds used in the Genesis song, Mama?

I already know about the Synclavier sound for the keyboard lead sound in the intro, I am looking for the sound for what Tony Banks plays with his left hand, underneath that other sound.  He simply holds an Em chord and its notes repeat as 1/16th notes while he holds down the chord, and it does it again under the other chords he switches back and forth from.

Thanks to anyone who might know where I can look for that sound, OR what I would need to do in order to build that sound using one of the V Collection synths.

Bob Bone