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Title: Cv/Gate issue ? Impossible to get them working properly
Post by: nimpo on January 31, 2019, 11:29:29 pm

I connect the Osc1 & 2 of my neuron to the cv output of my BS, and the Gate out to the Env1 of my Neutron. But nothing happen ...
I own a small “jack light” allowing me to see what happen with more detail. And I can see that the Cv out of the BS always send high signal (light is always red when I plug the jack light into it), even if the sequencer is off. On its side, the Gate out send nothing, the jack light is always off, whatever I do with the sequencer.

and as if I use by the same way, the sequencer of the dfam tomcontrol the neutron, it works.

so I can be sure the problem is the BS, but why ? Is there a configuration to do ?
What can explain this behavior ?

Thanks for your help guys.