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Title: Help a new MB owner please
Post by: turbo_kev on January 14, 2019, 09:28:48 am
OK I have now played with all the default presets.
so I want to get a better knowledge of the mod Matrix and how it works
I watched marc Doty's help videos and I thought that looks easy enough, even for a novice like me

So lets start with something very basic

Start with a default basic patch
i have the mod wheel set to  LFo 1 / vib, if I increase the lfo 1 knob and move the mod wheel the vibrato is faster or slower
so I think I understand how that works

but I want to use after touch to do the same effect, and not have to use the mod wheel

this is what I did

I looked down the left hand column of the mod matrix and found after touch, I then go across until I find lfo 1 amount
then press the button  then select an amount with the mod  amount knob 

then press a key and the basic sound plays  but no matter how hard I press the keys the sound does not virbrato
I have tried various amounts on the mod amount knob and also various amounts on the lfo 1  rate knob
but I cant get it to work

its so frustrating for a new user when you think your doing every thing correctly
but you don't get he result you think you should be getting

can any body please tell me what I'm doing wrong
or even if what I'm trying to do is impossible

Title: Re: Help a new MB owner please
Post by: Lunatic Sound on January 14, 2019, 11:35:10 am
Welcome aboard!

You are almost there, the confusion arises only from the preconfigured LFO Vibrato on the mod wheel,  which is not recreated by just modulating LFO1Amt,  like you did. Right now you are just changing the amplitude, or in other words, the strength or amount, of LFO1, but LFO1 is not yet assigned to modulate anything.
Since you want to create a Vibrato, just assign LFO1 to the oscillators pitch, leaving everything else the way you already set it up.

And there you go!
Title: Re: Help a new MB owner please
Post by: turbo_kev on January 14, 2019, 12:10:38 pm
Thank you very much Lunatic Sound

you explained that in such a nice easy way, that I wasn't scared at all.  LOL

So am I right in thinking my mistake as you said was not knowing that the preconfigured mod wheel not only adjusts the rate of  lfo
 but also the pitch of  vco's

i'v now been trying out what you said to do, and it works   WAHOO

there is always a but

But  it is very critical the amount you have to adjust the mod amount to get to the  smooth sounding vibrato  that the
pre configured mod wheel achieves
and also the amount of pressure you use on the keys
I think the pressure on the keys is one of those things you have to get used to
just like caressing a woman  LOL

once again
Many thanks for your help