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Title: sampler for mb sequences!!
Post by: bennyrodrigues on January 01, 2019, 04:23:52 pm
I have mb for over a year now, but I just can't find solution to make it more user friendly for using it in a band.

I really like sounds mb can produce, but I'm having a hard time with using couple of sequences with different sounds live. Changing patches setup takes me to much time to use mb live with a band.

I would like to record couple of sequences played with different patches to my DAW and than load them to hardware sampler so that I can easily trigger them live and change them in a second,  without having to change patches first on microbrute in order to play another sequnce. If I could do this , I would only connect sampler to microbrute so I could still modulate sequences played from sampler by using microbrute's  envelope and filter.

Can someone recommend what is the best buy hardware sampler to do this? I think electrokorg sampler 2 would do the trick, but I noticed users are disappointed because it takes too much time to load and save samples every time they turn it on and off.

This would really help me a lot so please give suggestions, Thank you very much!