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Title: Uses?
Post by: BezO on December 21, 2018, 08:12:30 pm
I'm interested in how folks have been using the Buchla. As interesting as it sounds, I haven't done anything other than play around with it.

What types of music? It's purpose in a song? Etc?
Title: Re: Uses?
Post by: LBH on December 22, 2018, 08:32:24 pm
How to answer this? Is'nt that up to you to find out, if and how you can use it, in your work?
How to use any instrument or whatever in which kind of music and soundcreations?
I would say in any music and soundcreation, where you can find a use for it. Including for pictures and movies.
And it can be used for different purposes.

There are examples on the product site:

What do you mean by song?

A buchla concept synth is'nt the same as a Moog concept synth. But both is instrument concepts with possibilities for a composer/ artist.

Here is some examples done on a hardware Buchla Easel just to show some different usages of a Buchla Music Easel:
Buchla Music Easel - ply mouth:
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Buchla Music Easel:

Molecule use a Buchla Music Easel in his setup. Molecule - Live @ SEQUENCES:
Title: Re: Uses?
Post by: BezO on February 14, 2019, 04:01:33 pm
Yes, it is up to me, but I haven't found a use for it yet. How different it is from everything else I have is part of the reason. This is why I ask what others are using it for.

By song I meant what is the Buchla doing when you use it... lead, rhythm, pad, etc.

Thanks for the examples.