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Title: Microbrute step sequencer MIDI-out workaround !!!!
Post by: bennyrodrigues on December 21, 2018, 11:47:39 am
Run the audio output from the Microbrute to a SONUUS G2M guitar-to-MIDI converter and MIDI from there to another MIDI synth!

Just be sure to put the 'brute on a non-distorted plain tone (triangle wave worked best for me) and keep the volume low.
The G2M has a dummy light to let you know when you're clipping (overdriving the input signal).
Gradually ease the volume up until the "CLIP" LED lights, then turn down just until it stays off. You'll have to experiment with attack and release to get the effect you want.
I got some note glitches when playing lower octaves, some of which were pretty cool.

The G2M has a two-way switch that either converts precise frequencies (including bends and portamento) or "auto-corrects" to precise notes.

The G2M costs about $80 USD but it's good for other stuff, besides letting your Microbrute's sequencer drive another synth.

Another cool use of the G2M is to plug in a microphone and play your synth "vocally."