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Title: Still Have Yet To Receive Replacement Case Number 163902!!
Post by: bennyrodrigues on December 17, 2018, 05:54:42 pm
Hi I purchased a minilab controller back in November, and I have to say it is a wonderful product, well worth the money. Everything was working just fine until back in April. I was working on a track and my second octave C key broke off. Fortunately I purchased the 2 year warranty at the Guitar Center here in Los Angeles. I was told to fill out a form on the Artruia website, and to go through you guys. Well I did,  and have yet to receive a replacement. When I filled out the technical support form, I got an email telling me to go through That website was down, so I emailed arturia, and got a reply from a woman named Rebecca. She told me there weren't any minlabs in the US at the time. That was over a month ago. I just want to know when will you guys have minilabs in the US again, and how soon should I receive my replacement, considering its been a month, and I purchased the warranty.