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Title: Changing midi channels
Post by: yann_ on December 13, 2018, 12:46:38 pm
Changing midi channels on the fly for midi out put per sequencer with a knob turning function.
Since the 4 sequencers can do pitch it would be nice

 To be able to output 4 midichannels to hardware sequencers using the midi thru output on different synths

Or kind of using the sequencers as a maq16
Title: Re: Changing midi channels
Post by: lagu on August 19, 2021, 02:59:38 pm
Yes! A thousand times yes! Being able to switch the midi out (user) channel from the synth itself would be perfect to audition midi-synced gear with a thru-box. Even though I run my other gear with their own sequencers, not all of them have a keyboard. It would make the M2S the perfect control center and master clock for a small-ish desktop synth setup. Hopefully Arturia will include this in the next firmware, since it feels very much like an oversight. A shift-combo with the 1-16 pads (like the KeyStep/BeatStep controllers) would be perfect!