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Title: Origin V?
Post by: holografique on October 30, 2018, 02:35:53 pm
I know this is probably unlikely to happen, but...

It would be awesome if Arturia considered creating a software only recreation of the Origin (Origin V?). I know that the software code used is NOT exactly the same as the software code used in the V packages (e.g. Jupiter-8, Obie TVS, Arp2600, etc. etc). But I'm making an assumption that it also wouldn't necessarily be "starting from scratch" to do something like this. And make it so that it can load all existing Origin preset data.

The entire concept of the Origin, having a modular to build custom patches using the various components of all the V package synths, and the amazing sequencer section (still one of the best in the industry) is still a fantastic platform in which to design sounds. The problem is the aging Origin hardware...

Thoughts? Comments?
Title: Re: Origin V?
Post by: DrJustice on October 30, 2018, 05:23:41 pm
Personally I don't use softsynths much, so I'd rather want an Origin II in hardware. This time around with a more modern display (LED backlight and multi touch), endless pots instead of encoders, and perhaps something like a few fast multicore ARM CPUs for cool running with plenty power. I.e. a more low power and long life unit, where 'normal architecture' CPUs might ease porting of the huge library they now have of oscillators, filters etc.. Add a good number of CV IOs to that to make it more desirable in this age of digital/analogue interoperability.

Of course, this is unlikely to happen too... In the mean time I'm pretty happy with my Origin - some new encoders and a display upgrade could make it last into my old age...  :P
Title: Re: Origin V?
Post by: holografique on November 01, 2018, 09:41:07 pm
I don't use soft-synths much these days either. But seeing as it's very unlikely Arturia is ever to develop a hardware successor to Origin (too expensive and Arturia has chosen to go analog for their hardware products), and our aging Origin units are at risk on longevity, an Origin V would be the next best thing to being able to access the unique sound-design capabilities of the existing Origin engine.

It would also make for a great extension to the V Collection brand by marketing the ability to mix-n-match the various sound-engines of the V Collection products within the modular design of Origin. You simply make it available as part of the V Collection and it just becomes an extension of that product set allowing a different way to use the included vintage soft-synths.

Another way to think about it is: Origin V would be an evolution of the Analog Lab product...

Title: Re: Origin V?
Post by: goldenanalog on November 17, 2018, 05:24:18 am
You know: They're actually fairly simple machines - there isn't a super heck of a lot to them; and since Arturia took the unprecedented step of releasing all of the service tech data to us (I'm forever grateful), we owners might be able to keep our Origins up and running for a long, long, time.

I think that the overall lesson that Arturia learned is that going from software to hardware can be extremely time intensive; far more then one might theorize - it's not a matter of simply porting your software over onto a different platform - but I guess that they learned *a lot* from that experience - that has helped them going forward - good for them!

I'd like to see a hardware Origin II myself - but I also think that a software version of the Origin - especially in light of ever-increasing computer horsepower being affordable, would be very interesting - then again: I think that their software resurrections/interpretations of both the Synclavier and CMI II+ have been time well-spent - they're both positively brilliant; and it's excellent to see Arturia working with 'outside' people who are experts on the platforms, helping bring 'matured' versions of these products to fruition.

I'd personally much rather see *all* of the available Origins in good, grateful hands - in the possession of owners who will take the necessary steps to 'cherry' the instruments: replace all of the encoders and pots with high-grade replacements; maybe replace the LCD display with a new one from time-to-time. They are soooo one-of-a-kind, and sound soooo exceptionally good; that it'd be a shame not to have every one of them out there up and running if at all possible - especially when *all* of the information needed to make that happen is readily available. 
Title: Re: Origin V?
Post by: holografique on November 17, 2018, 04:14:40 pm
Agreed that it would be great to see folks maintain their units. My suggestion of an Origin V is in no way suggesting that existing owners of the hardware should just suddenly abandon their units. But the reality is it's an EOL product no longer manufactured with limited to no replacement parts available. Luckily my issue turned out to be a faulty power supply.

The way I see it: The Analog Lab product is already 3/4 of the way there. All they have to do is add a software version of the Origin sequencer to it, create a modular editor allowing you to add the individual module components from the V collection products, and then preset / patch compatibility allowing you to load Origin preset data.

It would be a brilliant way to innovate on the Analog Lab product as well as build on the legacy of the Origin concept at the same time.