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Title: Analog Lab (free standing) Crashing on Mac OS 10.13.6
Post by: defconx on October 13, 2018, 03:38:14 am
I just tried running Analog Lab free standing version on my Mac b/c I purchased some new sound packs. After I click on 10-15 different presets, the application quits with no error. The standard "Arturia Analog Lab 3 has crashed..." message from the OS then comes up. I have done this about 5 times and it always crashes.
Analog Lab version:
I am running on a:
late model 2013 MacBook Pro Retina display
Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6)
I am running through a Scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen) external interface and AKAI MPK25 controller.
Other sound / DAWs installed:
Logic Pro, Reason 10, Ableton Live 10 Suite, NI Komplete 12

I looked for Arturia logs in ~/Library/Application Support and the usual places, but didn't find anything.

Has anyone had similar experience or know what steps I can take to troubleshoot this issue? Do arturia products produce crash reports or anything similar?

Thank you in advance for any help on this issue.
Title: Re: Analog Lab (free standing) Crashing on Mac OS 10.13.6
Post by: Arnaud_Arturia on October 15, 2018, 09:16:02 am
Hi Defconx,

Sorry to heard about these crashes. Can you tell us a little more about this issue :

- Do you have a Vcollection and if yes, did you update all plugins ?
- Witch sound banks did you buy and when AL3 crahsed were you browsing presets of a particular banks or just browsing all presets ?
- Did crashes appear at preset loading or were you playing and tweaking some parameters ?

When the crash window comes up you can click on "REPORT" and copy all informations on a text file or you can look in this place if you have something : ~\Library\Logs\DiagnosticReports

All the best !