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Title: Good, solid stand?
Post by: Ninecows on October 10, 2018, 06:55:49 pm
Just recieved my matrixbrute, but it seems like itís too heavy for my Proel EL260 stand. I placed it on the top shelf (have a Kurzweil PC3x 88 key on the bottom shelf). The stand now seems very wobbly and feels like it could tip over at any point.

So Iím guessing that I need a new stand.

So any ideas? It should be solid and able to take both synths. And preferably also cheap (I spend all my money on the Matrixbrute ;-))

Also: Does the matrixbrute need to stand on its feet? Or is it ok resting the bottom plate on the bars of a stand?
Title: Re: Good, solid stand?
Post by: aWc on October 10, 2018, 08:01:58 pm
I have an On-Stage two tier stand. On the bottom I have the massive Alesis Fusion8HD. My MB is on top. It would be plenty solid...except I have the MB on the left side and two small desktop synth modules on the top right. My solution was simply add a T-shaped wood support between the two tiers, one the MatrixBrute side. Pretty solid! If you have the MatrixBrute in the middle of the top tier, no additional support would be required.
Title: Re: Good, solid stand?
Post by: endreola on October 12, 2018, 07:12:43 am
My MB sits solidly on the bottom tier of an On-Stage WS8700.  It's got some weight to it and it's a pretty sturdy frame.  That stand offers a lot of adjustments to suit different sized gear.  As for mine, the four rubber feet on the MB are wider than with the support braces so it's resting comfortably on its bottom plate. For an extra layer of protection, the support arms were padded with those self-stick cushion pads, providing enough grip to prevent the synth from moving around while in use and to provide a layer of protection from metal on metal damage.
Title: Re: Good, solid stand?
Post by: DrJustice on October 13, 2018, 10:04:39 pm
Another possibility, to extend the selection depending on territory/availability, is the K&M 18810 ( I have one with second tier arms, with the MxB on the bottom and Sub 37 on top, and it's steady as bedrock.