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Title: Problem getting Minilab to trigger drums in EZ Drummer 2
Post by: Strongbear on July 09, 2018, 01:59:10 am
Does anyone use Toon Track's EZ Drummer 2 here?

Each of EZ Drummer's drum kit has a specific key or note (eg E2) already assigned to different parts (eg the cymbals or the snare). However, whatever key I press on the Minilab, I am unable to trigger any bit of EZ Drummer's drum kit. I should at least see that piece moving (eg the cymbals should vibrate when they crash etc), but not only am I unable to do that, but also can't hear any drum sounds either.

I can trigger the synth sounds in Analog Lab Lite using the Minilab, but when I select Minilab as my MIDI device in the settings tab of EZ Drummer, it still doesn't seem to connect the Minilab to it, therefore not allowing me to trigger any of the drums.

Without the MIDI controller, it's impossible to drum anything accurately by clicking on the drums using my mouse.

Can anyone help me here? It's really frustrating not being able to use the Minilab for EZ Drummer, as that's the main reason I got it.