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Title: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: gus bus on June 22, 2018, 01:49:48 pm
Yesterday I bought an Audio Fuse.
I had a Roland Rubix but needed more INPUTS.
I am running the same project in Ableton LIve 10, same laptop (LENOVO YOGA 4 16 gb RAM, i7 8th gen, SSD 512)
The thing is that I have audio dropouts. That did't happen with my Roland Rubix.
Same project, same plugins, same configuration.
I can bring it back and get a bigger Roland Rubix, but I can give it a chance for 3 days because I have to start a work next Monday anc can't allow audio dropouts. I tried changing the buffer settings and freezen tracks, but nothing seems to change. Still get audio dropouts.
Any suggestions before I return the AudioFuse?
Thank you very much. Gus.
Title: Re: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: gus bus on June 23, 2018, 08:39:02 am
2 days, same issue.
even opened a simple project and still have audio dropouts.
tried setting RAM option for long audio files.
it's ridiculous. my ROLAND RUBIX 44 can play it perfect but the AUDIOFUSE can't without missin samples.
any ideas before I return this piece of crap?
Title: Re: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: Germain.arturia on June 25, 2018, 09:37:12 am
HI Gus, and welcome on this board.
Sorry you're encountering such issues.

Could you please tell us what versions of  audiofuse firmware and audiofuse control center are installed on your computer?
current versions are :
Audiofuse control center
audiofuse firmware 1.1.0
you can download these here : (

I also would like to know how are your connecting the AudioFuse to your laptop : Dc connection + USB? USB only?
in the case of being only usb-powered, the unit must be connected with the thicker part of the USB cable. you can also connect the other thin part of the cable to give extra power if needed.
Did you try to do a DC power + usb connection too? Do you feel any difference?

also, can you please tell us more about your settings in Live 10 (sample rate and buffer size) ? if you can post a screen shot of the Audio preferences in Live, that's great.

While your project is open in Live, can you also please check if the used Sample rate/buffer size are matching the ones displayed in AudioFuse Control Center?
another thing , in AudioFuse control center you have a setting for the ASIO driver : safe or unsafe, do you notice any difference between these settings?

One last thing if all these ideas don't solve your issues, you can perform a factory reset of the unit. You can do it by holding cue selector and mono button (just located under the big main output level knob) while powering up the unit by DC power.

In the meantime, i tried to get infos about the Audio chipset used on your Lenovo yoga 4, but did not find any info yet. Sayin this, just because i had some issues years ago with an asus laptop and a M-Audio interface, and it ended with the discovery of a non - compatibility between the audio interface and the Audio chipset used on my laptop, even if i bypassed it, both weren't able to live together.

Hope this can help,
best regards,

Title: Re: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: gus bus on July 04, 2018, 12:56:35 pm
I am really worried about this issue. I canīt figure it out.
At times it works and sometimes even with a simple project, no automatization, all tracks frozen, I get audio dropouts.
So it seems like something interrupts the right functioning randomnly.
I tried changing the audio buffer to the maximum and there is no change.
I tried with and without safe mode and no changes.
I always use it with AC power conected and now also conected the USB power and is maybe worse.
But the strange thing is that its behaviour is different sometimes and kind of random.
Firmware and Arturia software are up to date.
I run Ableton Live 10.0.2

After all that, is that a Windows related issue I should solve?
It is still strange because as I said, the same project, same plugins, same laptop run smooth on my Roland Rubix 44, so even when it is a Windows issue, I still donīt understand why is it happening with this specific sound card.
A friend of mine who is a software developer says that in his opinion it is a matter of drivers, and that is because AudioFuseīs drivers are just not well done.

Still watiting for suggestions, this is anoying...
Thank you, Gus.
Title: Re: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: Germain.arturia on July 06, 2018, 01:42:24 pm
Hello Gus,
indeed this is strange, that's why i mentioned the previous experience i had years ago, which ended by learning that the audio chipset from my laptop was the faulty one.

in the meantime in order to investigate in a supposed windows configuration issue , i'll suggest you read the following article from ableton  , which are quite useful in the case of optimizing your windows OS for audio processing. don't know if you already read it :

best regards,

Title: Re: Audio Drops in Ableton Live 10
Post by: Trond on July 12, 2018, 10:43:46 am
I also have problems with Audiofuse in Ableton Live 10.0.2 on a HP Elitebook 8570P with Windows 7 Pro. It have worked without a hitch with hitch with other soundcards. I bought the Audiofuse because of all it's audio connections and good reviews, but after only a couple of days, I am getting seriously frustrated and is prepared to take it back to the seller and get my money back.

When I use the Arturia ASIO driver, I get lot of dropouts in any samplerate. I tried to reset Audiofuse, re-installed the drivers, but all to no avail. I then downloaded the ASIO4All-friver, and voila: It works without any glitches. This is really bad, Arturia.  :-[