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Title: Analog Lab vs V Collection in terms of bugginess?
Post by: on June 08, 2018, 02:27:51 am

I've had Analog lab through version 1 and every iteration is INSANELY buggy on my ProTools HD system as well as my LE systems on an imac and laptop.  I always hope it's going to get better with every update, but it never does.  I love the sound of it, but the bugginess is too much too bear.  It constantly gets stuck on a note, crashes the computer, loses it's settings and any attempt to freeze/unfreeze results in it going back to it's Default factory setting.  I do, however love the sounds and think it's my best option for Prophet sounds out there. 

So as a glutton for punishment, is the V Collection as buggy?  Is it somehow just the Analog Lab software that's the culprit?  I've tried other options and the sounds just don't compare.  If it wasn't buggy, I'd happily jump into the V Collection pool.  If it's anywhere near as problematic as the Analog Lab water, however, it'd be a complete waste of 500 dollars.   Any ProTools users out there having problems with the V Collection or better yet, have experience with both?