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Title: Rackbrute internal depths
Post by: Lugia on June 07, 2018, 02:15:45 am
Hi, gang...I was looking around the website for the internal depth measurements for the Rackbrutes (both the 3U and 6U, I suppose, since the 3U and 6U above its power bus should be the same), but couldn't find anything on that in the specs. That's a rather important dimension to know, since a lot of the smaller hp modules achieve their panel space savings by 'going deep' with the circuitry behind the panel, and knowing the maximum usable depth is very necessary to avoid purchase/configuration errors. Could we possibly get some clarification on that in the spec listings for both Rackbrutes?
Title: Re: Rackbrute internal depths
Post by: megamarkd on June 09, 2018, 08:28:09 am
83mm deep externally, take about 2mm off for the sheet metal and another 3-5mm as the rails are inset. Sooooo about 76mm-ish.  n the RackBrute 6U bottom rack.  I know, exact measurements would be good.  I'm going to go to a store on monday, so I'll take my tape measure with me and pretend I'm not using a eurocard frame I paid 30 bucks for, and am interested in buying a RackBrute.

Oh a suggestion regarding Arturia's foray into the modular world, how about making just the busboards from the RackBrutes available?  I have to admit, the RackBrute announcements are what finally pushed me to make a move on modular synths (after years of talking about it), with the idea I'd get a 6U, but after some research realised that I can make a case for so much cheaper with the most expensive bit being the busboard.  If Arturia was selling them independently, I'd have bought one instead of the Tiptop ÁZeus.
After the busboard, how about a Steiner-Parker Multi-mode filter module?  I know there is at least on out there already, but the Arturia module could have a "Brute Factor" knob!
Title: Re: Rackbrute internal depths
Post by: khidr on March 28, 2019, 11:41:12 am
Hi Lugia,
I think the good thing about the rackbrute design is that bottom halve and top halve have a different depth, you can fit modules that need the extra depth in the part without the buss board.