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Title: Use of MIDI channels (& Ableton)
Post by: linmix on June 04, 2018, 07:32:13 pm
I know this is a bit of a mixed question, but since both products are packaged together I thought I'd ask here first.
The Minilab has the ability to easily change the MIDI channel you send information on. How do I take advantage of this feature?

I know I can set up Ableton to only listen to a specific channel, but since I only have one controller there is no need to separate entries.
I also know some VSTs allow you to set up multiple instruments on different MIDI channels within a single instance. If my thinking is correct, that should allow me to switch instruments by changing to the corresponding MIDI channel on the Minilab. However, this doesn't appear to work quite that way when I use Ableton. What am I missing? What other/different use should I et out of being able to change MIDI channels?