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Title: BSP as midi clock source, or MX1?
Post by: Jabz on May 23, 2018, 09:50:49 pm
I am after some advice on the best way to set up my hardware, and which should I have as midi master the beatstep pro or the MX1?

I am a bit green when it comes to hardware (especially CV/gate patching), but I have the following pieces of equipment:

Roland Aira MX1
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Roland TR-8
Roland TB-3
Roland System 1m
Roland SE-02
Roland Handsonic HPD20
Novation MoroderNova

Previously I have just used it all inside Ableton Live, either routed in via USB or via my audio interface.

But now I am more interested in using the hardware as the master clock source, instead of Ableton.

I have managed to set up the MX-1 as master and Ableton as slave, but am struggling getting the Beatstep Pro set up as well, and am unsure whether or not to use the Beatstep Pro as master clock source, or the MX1 as the master clock source. And this is where I need your advice.

Firstly, which would be the better clock source and why? And how do I set them up as master and slave?

Secondly, how am I best setting up the Beatstep Pro to control the System 1m and the SE-02? Im pretty green with this thing, to be honest, and need help with how to set up the CV/Gate routing to get the best out of these 2 instruments.

All help will be hugely appreciated  ;D
Title: Re: BSP as midi clock source, or MX1?
Post by: megamarkd on May 24, 2018, 11:37:04 am
There is a great page which lists latency and jitter of various devices.  The company isn't trading anymore but have left the page up as a reference page:
The BSP stats are no longer valid as there has be a few firmware updates since they tested it that have improved it's accuracy, though a few of you instruments are listed.

The next thing to consider is the fact you need to MIDI-chain your gear.  Not a problem if you have MIDI THRU on them all, but I know the BSP doesn't; not a hard THRU or a soft THRU which sorta means anything after it will only receive MIDI tempo when the BSP is playing.  Not a problem if you don't ever run without it, but a big problem if you do.  Looking at what you have, you probably won't be running without the BSP playing too, so not really an issue at the moment.

So with these two things in mind (accuracy and MIDI-chaining) possibly a good idea to make the BSP the master and set your other devices to external sync.  I don't know if you are using the MoroderNova as a controller keyboard for the BSP, but if so and you are also wanting to have the BSP send sequences to the MoroderNova, plug it's MIDI OUT into the BSP MIDI IN, but set the MoroderNova to not sent MIDI THRU on the OUT (if indeed it does that).  If you don't, there is a good chance you will end up with a MIDI loop.

Good luck and keep asking questions if you need to.  Remember the manual is your friend, but if you can't get an answer out of it, I'm happy to help.  MIDI shouldn't be secret knowledge, but more often than not is seems that way.  The more info in the public space, the better, so your questions will help the multitudes also!
Title: Re: BSP as midi clock source, or MX1?
Post by: Jabz on May 26, 2018, 01:23:34 pm
Thanks very much for the reply, I will have a go at putting it into practice and get back to you, a;though it may be a while as I am moving house very soon. Thanks again  ;D
Title: Re: BSP as midi clock source, or MX1?
Post by: megamarkd on May 27, 2018, 07:42:56 am
Ooh I should mention that getting a MIDI splitter/THRU box would be a good thing to look into.  It will reduce latency that can occur with MIDI chains.  Often if a chain is long and is running on soft-THRU's (eg: the THRU data is being send via the OUT and not a dedicated THRU that is a simple internal patch from the IN to the THRU and isn't sent into the device's processors), the instruments at the end can respond with a little delay.  A THRU/splitter like those made by Kenton and Midi Solutions will alleviate this.  If those brands are a little out of your reach, then do a search on eBay for a vendor by the name of Touchprone.  They make affordable MIDI boxes for splitting, merging and other niche purposes.