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Title: wavestation joystick
Post by: boombaxx on March 30, 2018, 05:03:10 pm
Hi is there a way to stop the preset going to arturia picks all the time i am using a synth buttons and jog wheel. When i try to change presets it jumps straight to arturia picks instead of the next preset. How do i invert the joystick so it works with my synth instead of being the opposite down is up. The movement seems very sketchie as well seems to float about in a random manner. Compared to the Korg wavestation plugin which works great. So it's not the synth
Title: Re: wavestation joystick
Post by: LBH on March 30, 2018, 07:02:38 pm
About the joystick.
I agree there is a bug/ malfunction in the way the Prophet VS joystick works. To me then the X - axis should move the joystick from A (Left) -> C (Right) and the Y - axis from D (Bottom) -> B (Top) when assigned to for example a X/Y pad like on my Novation SL MKII controller. But it does'nt do that.
The way it works now is'nt logical. It's not only moving the wrong direction when making a circle movement, it also move very "wrong" when making a pure horizontal or vertical movement. The virtuel joystick should be in the same position as the hardware, but it is'nt.
This should be fixed Arturia.
EDIT: About the random movements, then remember the movements can both be automatic and modulated. This movement perhaps also need to be checked Arturia. EDIT END

About the preset selection.
How do you select presets? How do you assign your controls - and to what?
Are you using ProgramChange, then keep in mind that ProgramChange only work with Playlists.
Title: Re: wavestation joystick
Post by: boombaxx on May 02, 2018, 07:26:44 pm
So they updated the VS and totally ignored the fact that the joystick is broken. The joystick element is so much part of the VS's dna. How long has the v3 version been out