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Title: Starting requires clicking twice
Post by: gphantom on March 16, 2018, 03:17:00 pm
Although a minor problem, there are times where I double click on the AL3 icon and wait for it to start up.  After 10 or more seconds, I have to open the task manager to see if it started and it doesn't show AL3.  At that point, I have to start it up a second time by double clicking the icon.

Also, the interface seems to take longer than previous versions did.  This is certainly the case with Modular V 3 over V 2 and AL3 over AL2.

Another helpful thing would be to have a LED icon on the interfaces to indicate that the presets are all loaded and that it's ready to go.  When the interface pops up (finally,) I start playing some of the midi keys and sometimes, one key is stuck for a few seconds and the second or third don't play until the one key is unstuck.