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Title: Global MIDI in for Analog Lab 3
Post by: ed on March 04, 2018, 03:35:26 pm
I have something I would like to request.

Would it be possible to have the MIDI in configurable for all instruments as well as (or instead of) on a patch by patch basis?

The reason is I like to have Reason 10 and Analog Lab 3 open at the same time open and use my KEYLAB Essential to control both (but not at the same time) - I worked out I could do it by changing the MIDI in on that instrument in AL3 from 'all' to, say, 2. This works, but I have to change it each time I change a patch in AL3 which is a shame. It seems that the MIDI in is assigned on a patch by patch basis.

Another thing I would like is the CC numbers for the knobs and sliders inside the VST plugin. I use AL3 in Reason and I can never ascertain what CC controls it requires. I know I can override them, but I would have to do that every time I opened the AL3 VST plugin which would be a pain.

If there is a way to do this I would love to know about it.


Title: Re: Global MIDI in for Analog Lab 3
Post by: LBH on March 04, 2018, 04:49:21 pm
Hi again Ed,

About the MIDI channels, then i have posted this yesterday after reading your first post:
Afther that, then i can see, that for some applications, then the MIDI channels perhaps need to be preset based, like B3V where you can set seperate MIDI channels for the manuals, and other applications where this is the case. But in generel to me, a Global MIDI channel setting should not change when shifting presets.

About your CC issue. I'm not sure i understand your issue. I understand you have a Keylab Essentiel, so have you look if there are something in the MIDI Control Center (And it's manaul) that can help you with this? I don't have a Arturia controller.
Title: Re: Global MIDI in for Analog Lab 3
Post by: ed on March 05, 2018, 02:18:05 am
My situation with the CCs in Analog Lab 3 VSTi is this:

I use VSTi AL3 in Reason 10. I use KeyLab Essential with Reason and would like to be able to control the knobs and sliders in the VSTi from KeyLab Essential.

I was hoping that, if I knew the CCs the VSTi AL3 uses, I would be able to control them by changing the configuration in the KeyLab using the MCC.

Many people try and override the sliders and knobs in Reason but I don't want to go down this route because that would mean I would have to override every knob each and every time I opened VSTi AL3 which is not ideal.

I was hoping you might have a MIDI implementation chart for the VSTi AL3?


Title: Re: Global MIDI in for Analog Lab 3
Post by: LBH on March 05, 2018, 05:42:31 am
This MIDI CC question is really not about Analog Lab (AL) or V-Collection (VC).
As far as i can tell, then it's about your controller and MIDI Control Center (MCC). So perhaps you should post in Keylab Essentiel forum.

I don't have any Arturia controller and don't use MCC. I'm not from Arturia either. But i can try and give you this input.

Are you saying, that if you select Keylab essentiel as you controller in ALs bottom panel, then your controller are'nt MIDI CC premapped?

If you set the controller in ALs bottom panel to default, then the there is'nt any MIDI CC mapping. But yes your controller must send out MIDI CC. Is it those MIDI CC you wan't to know about?

If so then have a look in MIDI Control Center manual:
- Section "2.1.7. MIDI Console" - I assume if you look in this console while moving a control, then you'll see the MIDI CC number for that control.

- Section "5.1. Creating a Controller Map" - I assume if you do like in the shown picture, then you can see all sorts of settings for that control - including the MIDI CC number.

Have you read and tried this and the rest in the MCC manual? There are many possibilities. Perhaps easy ones to see a mapping.
You can have multiple mappings.

In case - then perhaps you can use MIDI-OX to determine the controller outputs:
But i would believe you can use Arturias MMC.
If you are on a MAC, then the MIDI monitor might show the MIDI CCs as well. And in many DAWs there also is a MIDI Monitor for this purpose. I don't know if Reason have one, as i don't use Reason.

When your AL is set to use Default controller, then you can click on the MIDI learn icon and be able to see what's assigned and unassigned. Please read Section "3.2.13. MIDI learn assignment" in AL manual. Otherwise you have to  find a way using the above i guess.

I don't know if i have understood you. Screenshots when posting can help to help readers to understand.

Title: Re: Global MIDI in for Analog Lab 3
Post by: ed on March 06, 2018, 09:10:28 pm
Thanks LBH - it's hard to describe what I am trying to do. I will raise it again in Technical issues