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Title: Dual controllers don't work when using 2 Arturia keyboards
Post by: joelhof on January 20, 2018, 08:38:14 pm
I have two Keylab 49's that I'm quite happy with. I also have the V collection 4 and 5, considering 6. I brought this issue up almost two years ago when I was trying to run two different instruments with the Keylabs at the same time. Arturias' instruments recognize both controllers in the audio setup, but only one can work based on what seems like in windows, from my testing, the driver key that has the lower number on the end? Maybe the USB port. I can get them to switch when I swap the usb inputs. I even tried changing the "friendly name" with a registry hack but that must not be what your software is looking for when it identifies a device.  In the audio setup you can see both, but when you check both, only the one works. If you uncheck the working one, the other does not work and automatically unchecks itself when you go back into setup. Only by turning the working one off, can the other one work. This presents a problem in that I can't use both manuals on the B3, (or the Vox Continental), with two Arturia keyboards. Major bummer! And I can't run two different Arturia instruments with two different Arturia keyboards at the same time. And if I'm using an Arturia instrument and a different third party instrument, I'm forced to use a specific keyboard for the Arturia software because you only recognize one. I have no problems discerning two Keylabs if I use third party software like any DAW or Cantible, and every other stand alone instrument that I've tried works as expected. Arturias' instruments seem to be the only software that cannot discern between two of their own keyboards. Any help would be much appreciated. Maybe a firmware mod that would change the ID, or whatever your software is looking for to identify a device on one of the Keylabs, so you don't have to update all the instruments? Like I said earlier, I brought this up almost two years ago and got no response. Hopefully this time ...
Title: Re: Dual controllers don't work when using 2 Arturia keyboards
Post by: Germain.arturia on January 22, 2018, 01:52:31 pm
Hi Joelhof,
you're right , in the case of the B3-V (or Vox) it is for now impossible to use 2 same arturia controllers for a full dual-keyboard experience. I agree it can be painful.
Anyway, it is logged in our bugs database for quite some time, and devs will work to fix this issue on a forthcoming v-collection update. Don't know yet when it will be released.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.
Title: Re: Dual controllers don't work when using 2 Arturia keyboards
Post by: joelhof on January 22, 2018, 02:11:25 pm
Thanks for the timely response. I'm glad it's logged, even though it's been a long time. Just being on the list is a good sign. Hopefully it will be fixed sooner than later as it is your own products that don't work together. Again, thanks for the response.