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Title: Presets, Presets download, and VC5
Post by: Malhomme on January 07, 2018, 12:54:36 pm
Hi to all a and the best for this new year to come.

I recently went from working with a friend in a duo using some of his synths, 4 years ago, to buying for myself the V collection 6 so much I wanted the fairlight and the Buchla.

There are plenty of presets everywhere available, and I stored on an USB stick some old presets of mine, for previous versions.

I can't figure how to use them.

I also tried to use VC5 for format conversion, but I can't get it to scan where the presets are.

Basically : I am illiterate as it comes to preset management.

Can you gentlemen enlight me ? Can you  explain where to put preset files if I want to convert them ?

Also : do you know if Arturia have a policy, like Steinberg, to make legacy version of the instrument you bought, available with the same licence (i.e, Modular V v1 and v2 when you buy V3) ?

Thanks in advance.