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Title: Snapshots within presets
Post by: Kevin R on December 24, 2017, 08:47:12 pm
With the Easel presets are really just starting points of a performance. I'm always moving patch cords around and playing the sliders and knobs. Many times I wish there were a way to take a snapshot on the fly of the configuration I have at that moment because it's going to change quickly. The synth is like a mad musical scientist laboratory of wild experiments. In the heat of the moment I would like to go back to an interesting configurations I had come up with earlier. If there were a way to on the fly click a snapshot of a momentary configuration I'm playing - and be able to take many such snapshots throughout a performance - it would help out a lot because there is simply no way to remember all those configurations of experiments. Sort of presets within a preset. Or, presets within a Performance.

I suppose a numbering or color coding system of snapshots would be best for something like this as it would all be done quickly on the fly and there would simply be no way to take the time to name such snapshots.