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Title: Sticky/unresponsive octave button?
Post by: mcc on December 21, 2017, 02:03:36 am
Maybe a bit of a weird one… I got an arturia minibrute and I love it to pieces, however, I find that the "Octave" up/down buttons sometimes do not respond. I press the button and nothing happens. If I press it several more times, eventually it triggers. I went to a store and tried the unit there and it did not have this problem, every press registered easy.

Here is the weird part: In the week or so I've had the brute, the problem seems to be getting better? The up octave button now seems to respond every time, and now it is the down octave which is the only problem. And sometimes the down octave works easily for several seconds and then stops working again.

I think the unit is defective and I should send it back. However I was wondering, has anyone seen this problem before? Does the button just need to "break in" or something?!