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Title: Pitch on hats seems to be tuned wrong
Post by: unfinder on December 06, 2017, 09:29:08 pm
Wondering if anyone can shed some there any kind of hidden calibration routine for the Drumbrute hat (and other) tunings? Mine seems a bit off

When i compare mine to various demos posted online, the pitch of my hats seems a couple semitones higher.  Also, when the pitch is turned to its lowest setting, I get horrible distortion when the decay is open fully.  I realize this is considered to be the character of the hats on this unit, but it doesn't seem musical or, well...right at all.  Wondering if anyone has the time to listen to these two quick examples I made of my hats, opening the decay on the open hat from 11 o'clock gradually to fully open.  One is highest pitch and one is lowest pitch.  This is recorded with only a bit of pre-amp and no compression or any other processing:

High pitch (

Low pitch (