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Title: Possible to play guitar/bass through iMini external input?
Post by: RickBass on September 14, 2017, 06:26:49 pm
Hi. Running iMini on an iPad Pro 12.9". I'm able to control it with my Axiom 49 2nd gen keyboard.

I see in the manual for iMini that there's an external in/out. They're shown as 1/4" jacks on the back panel.  Is there a way to play an electric guitar or bass through the iMini's filters?

I'm playing with a band in which I'm using the iMini and keyboard on a couple of songs to play synth bass. Will be doing more of it on the next album. For some shows, it could be a quicker setup if I could run my bass through the iMini.  I have an Alesis MultiMix4 USB mixer - could put the bass into channel 1 or 2, if that'll get me in. I get a lot of high frequency whine if I connect the mixer to the powered USB hub, which serves as USB central for the iPad, keyboard, and mixer, and then output the mixer to an amp. That's probably a different thread or user group altogether, but since I'm here...