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Title: Arturia PLEASE make a multi-touch ARP 2600 for the Slate Raven
Post by: stp on July 18, 2017, 07:35:40 am
Hello all,

Like many of you (probably), I now mix using a Slate Raven multi-touch screen.
I've been begging Arturia for years to make a multi-touch-aware version of the ARP 2600 simulation.
It's just the right size (compared to the Moog modular) and would be a truly great performance and teaching instrument, especially if you could make the patch cables disappear and simply overwrite the input labels when you make a connection.
Here's what it might look like:


Now if only I could drag multiple faders at the same time!

It'd also be nice for the synth panel to fit the screen (i.e., drop the menu bar and borders).