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Title: Help: Exporting Song From SparkLE
Post by: filmguerilla on June 14, 2017, 02:45:10 am
Hey guys!

Now that I'm getting my head around Spark 2 and creating kits, patterns, and songs, I've ran into a wall again.  I think this may be because I'm using Spark a bit differently than most people, so nobody has really made a tutorial/explanation concerning my problem. 

In my drum projects, I use the 8x8 grid of Song Mode to basically make one complete finished song (just the drums of course).  Typically, it's not always the full 64 patterns chained together--most of my songs have somewhere around 45-50 patterns chained.  But now that my songs are finished in song mode, I want to export those complete songs to my DAW (Reaper), so I can then overdub all the other instruments onto my recordings (I usually record the finished drum track first in Reaper and play the other instruments live over it).  For the life of me, I cannot find any way to do this.  I hope I'm just overlooking the obvious here.

How do I do this?  When I play live, I use a backing track from Reaper and play a synth and sing live.  I don't do dynamic live drums like most users seem to be doing in Spark.  Can someone please explain to me how I can get my 'song' from each project out of Spark and into a track in Reaper? 

Thank you so much in advance!
Title: Re: Help: Exporting Song From SparkLE
Post by: T-Thuggish on June 15, 2017, 07:26:03 pm
Hey, filmguerilla.  To my knowledge you can only export selected sequences from the SEQUENCER tab (look in the upper left-hand corner; red button to export as a wav file, and green to export as midi), but nothing from the SONG tab.  I also use Reaper and I just arm a track (or tracks) in Reaper and record while Song Mode is activated/playing in Spark.  It lays those drums tracks down easy.  I hope that's a decent work-around for you.

And I could be wrong about not being able to export your entire song from the SONG tab, but I'll check later today just to be sure.  I'm kinda out of practice with Sparkle/Spark 2, so just going off of memory.
Title: Re: Help: Exporting Song From SparkLE
Post by: filmguerilla on June 17, 2017, 09:56:52 pm
That should work!  It's not like there's any loss in quality or anything.  Thanks for the reply/info!