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Title: Analog Lab 2 tempo sync Logic X
Post by: vacuum on April 05, 2017, 12:54:24 pm
Hey guys,
first of all thank you for all the support in this forum, it has been very useful in the past. 
I'm facing some troubles when I try to sync Analog Lab into the tempo of Logic X. When I use my instruments from the V-Collection or Spark in Logic X, the tempo is perfectly sync, but when I want to use Analog Lab is not. Those are my settings:

settings from the project-general- mode of sync (intern)
validate MTC (always)
settings from the project-MIDI-midi clock (all of them)
settings from the project-Midi- MTC (all o them)

Can someone help me this this, please? Thanks a lot, I'd really appreciate.
David.  :'(