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Title: V Collection Perameters Changing When Recalling MainStage Patches
Post by: badhabit2112 on March 09, 2017, 01:14:23 am
Good evening,

I purchased the V Collection last month and really LOVE the classic instruments.  I have slowly been programing and incorporating the new VI's in my system, trying to incorporate the actual instruments that were used in the studio when many of the songs I'm doing were recorded.  But I find I'm having an issue that I don't quite know how to address.

The information for my rig is included in my signature.  I use MainStage 3.2.4 as my VI "carrier".  The set up runs as follows:

When changing patches which include Arturia V Collection VI's, I find often times the sound has changed.  Usually the volume on the instrument has increased to maximum, or one of the ADSR levels have changed, or some other perimeter has changed significantly changing the sound from what was programmed.  When I open the VI, I can see the " * " after the program name, signifying that something has changed the sound.

I have not experienced this type of occurrence from any of my other VI's (Korg Legacy bundle, GSI's VB3, Miroslav Philharmonic, or any of MainStage's stock VI's).  So far the Modular V, Mini V, and SEM have reacted this way. 

In order to find a work around, I have many times opened up the MIDI configuration for each of these instruments, removed the midi assignments from the various controls, and have created a MIDI Control Config of "NO Control".  However, I have found that there are many times when reopening my MainStage Concert, the configuration I've created is missing entirely and all of the original configurations have returned.

While troubleshooting, I've used Midi Monitor to see what has been sent to the Computer from the Kronos.  There are some instances of General Control 5 and General Control 6 with values of "0" reported coming from 2 of the programed switches on the Kronos, but that would certainly not explain the volume going full on (which would be 127, no?).  I have eliminated as many occurrences of that as I could, but I do need those buttons to send controller data to MainStage on occasion, so I cannot eliminate them completely.

The end result is that I cannot depend that the sound I have created in my Arturia VI's will be the sound I play when I call up the song and start it.  It makes the Arturia V collection basically unusable for my live rig until I can find out why this is occurring and terminate it.  :(

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.  :)

-  Jim  -
Title: Re: V Collection Perameters Changing When Recalling MainStage Patches
Post by: badhabit2112 on March 10, 2017, 09:55:45 pm
Perhaps I have to chalk this problem up to "everything can and will work a little differently than everything else"...

On some of my Kronos Combi's, it would send out volume controls on various channels.  All of my other VI's ignored them, but for some reason the changes effected the volume of the V Collection synths that were called up in active channel strips, even though MainStage is supposed to prevent the information from going through to the VI (it stops at the volume control), and even after I've removed the control mapping at the VI itself.

Live and learn I guess.  :)