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Title: MUTE MODE improvement
Post by: mouchon on January 21, 2017, 03:24:35 pm
Here is my suggestion: While holding mute button, highlight muted tracks. Hold mute button and select tracks to mute/unmute them. Release mute button: exit '"mute mode", tracks remain muted, all functionnaliities are available. This is how the Volca Beat works (and many many others!) and is just sooo much better.

This was I can mute a track, then either change the steps or clear it and record another pattern (step or live rec mode), then unmute it. I can make my beats evolve track by track within seconds, while keeping the main groove growing. For me this is an absolute must for a live performance machine.

Solo should also follow the same logic.

I would love to hear back from Arturia if this is possible as a firmware update and if they are considering such workflow improvements for the future.