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Title: MiniLab vs MiniLab mkII? Which is better? Why?
Post by: damnedcat777 on December 26, 2016, 09:17:01 pm
I am a PROUD and LOVING Arturia user (Spark CDM, Minibrute, KeyLab, iSpark, SparkLE, and now soon a Minilab, too).  MY QUESTION NOW: is there a difference between MiniLab and Minilab MkII?  Besides the updated keyboard?  I'm about to pull the trigger to use this on my new iPad Mini2 (which I LOVE), as my KeyLab and Spark CDM are on my MacBook Pro here at home, and I want something a lil more portable.

Anyone got an opinion?  I'm gonna pull the trigger and buy in the next day or two or three.  BTW: Did I mention how much I LOVE this company???  Friggin' HELL - this is the COOLEST easiest NEATEST punkest LOUDEST rockingest SOUND COMPANY this side of Dante's seventh circle: that I am SURE OF!!!!!!!!