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Title: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: Owlie on October 02, 2016, 09:08:47 pm

I'm really interested in buying KeyLab 49 with Analog Lab. I'm using Reaper because it's only DAW that is not choking my PC and I wanted to try if Analog Lab would run smoothly. So I've downloaded demo version of it and I noticed that it's not syncing with Reaper. I mean, when I change tempo in DAW all, for example, arpeggiators are running slower or faster but they are simply not synced with anything. Every other VST is syncing with no problems. Maybe some of you would know how to solve it. I would appreciate it very much cause I'm already in love with arturia stuff.

Title: Re: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: LBH on October 02, 2016, 09:30:30 pm
Hi and welcome.

Could you please elaborate?

Are you meaning the tempo is out of sync, meaning for instance a sequence is not triggering from step 1 or something else? You say the tempo is changing but not to the correct tempo?
Also please tell what VSTs that sync and what VSTs that don't.
Title: Re: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: Owlie on October 03, 2016, 05:27:30 pm
Thanks for the reply!

Basically sequences dont fit in their intended time. For example, when I choose ARP 2600 and it's basic "Sync Seq" preset, whole "thing" should fit in one 4/4 bar but it actually runs slower than project tempo so it last longer than one bar. When i change project tempo sequence is changing tempo too but still dont fit in one bar. And when I loop some part of track in DAW sequence dont care about what part i looped  - for example im looping only 3 of 4 beats in the bar and Analog Lab is still playing whole sequence even though DAW is looping correctly only 3. I was curious if it is only a matter of Analog Lab so I've downloaded SEM V2 demo and here some sequences are not triggering from step 1. And they are out of tempo too.

I tried Sylenth1 and TyrellN6 VSTs and everything is syncing and looping properly.

I'm downloading free version of ProTools right now so I will try it there.

Title: Re: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: LBH on October 03, 2016, 07:47:58 pm
Thanks for elaborating Owlie.

Many VC5 applications unfortunately do have sync issues of various kind.
It has been reported and wanted to be fixed. Personally i hope it'll be fixed yesterday. Can't be soon enough no matter it's about sequences or LFO's sync and retrigger/ reset issues.

For the moment  SEM V2 unfortunately have massive sequncer issues as you can see i have reported in the SEM forum. The reset to step one issus you mention is one of the issues.
The older SEM V was'nt perfect but was better.
Hopefully soon comming updates fix the issues. But unfortunately i have been disapointed some times. Arturia need to step up.
I like so many things in Arturias VSTs, but i can only use them if they work  - including for things like this.
Similar issues has been reported including when using hold function.

About the ARP sequence you mention "Sync Seq" The the tempo on that preset is set to 3 times you DAW sequence. Don't know why. Because of this setting you will exsperince the tempo issues you mention. Setting the tempo to a equal tempo solve the issue if you run the sequence at full length.
I can imagine something like this also apply to your similar tempo issues with SEM, but as i said SEM 2 sequencer is a mess at the moment.

However i do have the same reset to step one issue as you do if i shorten the sequence, even if i shorten the note too, and even if the preset actually is set to reset. This is a serious bug Arturia.
I use Studio One. This is not a DAW issue.

I hope Arturia understand how important it is to make things like this work correct.

I can unfortunately only confirm the issues you have described.

If you have other issues with other applications then i can take a look at those if you wan't me to.
Title: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: Lauragrorn on October 25, 2016, 04:21:18 am
It is reserve

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Title: Re: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: MR79 on February 27, 2017, 03:39:16 am
Do you confirm that SEM V2 still has arp sync issue?
In Ableton, the arp is always out of sync...... SO BORING......   >:(
Title: Re: Analog Lab 2 Reaper sync problem
Post by: dtzagardo on November 26, 2017, 12:19:59 am
any updates?