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Title: Adjusting volume in LIVE mode
Post by: maxbranden on September 25, 2016, 07:40:33 pm
When I have made a list of multis in the LIVE mode I often experience that I have to make volume adjustments when I start to compare the different sounds. This turns out to be a tedious project. Each time I make an adjust ment to the master volume of a multi (in LIVE mode) I have to swith back to MULTi mode and save the multi with a new name (because there is no SAVE button activated - only SAVE AS. ) Then I have to delete the previous version in the LIVE list and drag the new version into the LIVE list. Not to mention that I have to come up with new names all the time to keep the different volume versions apart. Why isnt it just possible to ajust the volume and save? Am I missing something?