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Title: !!New Firmware is available
Post by: ben arturia on August 26, 2016, 09:22:07 am
Hi all,
The Keystep firmware is now available in your MidiControlCenter or here :


    * Factory reset implemented
    * When in external sync, pressing play from pause starts in the beat
    * Arpeggiator now properly plays when synchronized from 1 step (Gate)
    * Proper CV output when in Seq mode while the sequencer is paused
    * No more unwanted notes and silences after switching from Seq to Arp while paused
    * Appending notes does not play them instantly on the CV output
    * Tap Tempo LED blinks in sync in Arp mode
    * No more stuck note in Kbd Play mode  when switching MIDI channel
    * Very rare crash when connecting to a PC for the first time.
    * Empty sequences can now be saved
    * Real-time recording of rests does not generate tied rests