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Title: Initial Setup with Cubase Help
Post by: martinh32 on August 10, 2016, 10:36:12 pm
Hello everyone,
I'm pulling my hair out at the moment.
I've seen various videos, read various forums and tried various different methods to get my SparkLE working in Cubase 8 Elements on PC.
I've got the hardware SparkLE and the VST. Both work outside Cubase.
I use a synth connected using midi into a Focusrite 18i8 as my asio device in Cubase. How can I connect the SparkLE as I'd like to use the synth and the SparkLE controller for input into Cubase?
Any help really appreciated and what the settings should be.
Title: Re: Initial Setup with Cubase Help
Post by: martinh32 on August 11, 2016, 10:18:06 am
Just to add a little more to this. SparkLE runs fine in standalone mode, it works fine when I add a midi track to a project in Cubase as I can record the inputs from the controller on a midi channel so I know that bit works. However when I then try and use my keyboard it seems to be locked out and can't see the connection on Cubase but only after I've used the Spark controller. I'm guessing  it's some sort of driver issue but someone must have got this working correctly?
Title: Re: Initial Setup with Cubase Help
Post by: 019297 on August 24, 2016, 09:31:13 pm
If you have spark le working in vst on it's own instrument track, what is the goal? You want your keyboard controller to be an input for spark? Or you are sending spark data from the pads/seq to another drum module? Remember cubase has "all midi inputs" as on option for midi routing on any track, so try that and make sure your channel is on all or omni. Some drum stuff assumes channel 10. So try that, it would allow the keyboard and spark pads to control a midi track with spark le as the output. There is also a device option that lets you define what " all midi inputs" really means, so you can include or hide certain devices or virtual ports. It boggles the mind the number of ways you can route it.

I use spark le with cubase in a few ways, so if you let me know specifically what you want connected to what, I can try to help. I have spark working fine, and I use it with a custom drum map as an input controller for groove agent at the same time. I actually run the spark sequencer with groove agent sounds and it works great. I have a midi keyboard, but I am usually using that for something not related to the drums, usually another vsti synth. however, I once accidentally routed keyboard input to my spark software and i was playing drums by slamming on the keyboard. Not as nice as the spark pads, but some master keyboards have a grid of pads now that you might want to route into spark.

There is also a way to boot up sparkLE hardware in midi control mode, I have yet to try that.