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Title: V-Collection 4 plug-ins frequently "forgetting" activation
Post by: timber on August 09, 2016, 02:50:13 pm
Hi all!

I'm on El Capitan and Ableton using the latest version of V-Collection 4. After a few hours of working on a project with plugins like Modular V or ARP2600, they seem to loose their status of activation. When I open a plugin window to make some adjustments, I get a pop-up that says the plugins now runs in demo mode. Sometimes, I can click "activate" but sometimes I can only acknowledge it with "OK" and it stops working completely. If I delete the plugin instance and load a new one, everything is back to normal. The really annoying part is that when I save the entire Ableton project while plugin(s) being in "demo" mode, they won't save their current preset. When I reopen the project at a later time, they load their default preset instead of the one they had.

I'm running ASC 11.9.1012. I tried to reinstall it. It never gives an error itself.

As you can imagine, a licensing protection that doesn't work properly can be pretty annoying. Thanks in advance for any help!