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Title: iSpark with Spark2 instrument search
Post by: fotizimo on July 30, 2016, 02:13:27 pm
I think I am hitting a critical bug, and wanted to see if anyone else has the same happening.

 I have iSpark as well as Spark 2.0.3 and SparkLE, and have purchased the EDM expansion pack for Spark 2. I exported almost all of the EDM expansion pack presets to my iSpark app, and can see them in the "Default" folder when I go to open a project. But I think the number of sounds and samples is causing some instability within the iSpark app now.

 When I am working in iSpark with SparkLE control surface working, and have a project going, I sometimes press the white "instrument" button on SparkLE to browse by instrument. This causes the browse instrument window to pop up, but when I try to click on any instrument to audition the sample, the app crashes. I am wondering if there are now maybe too many samples to be held in memory and the app is crashing.

 I am using an iPad Mini 2 (IOS 9.3 + retina, 128gb, LTE) and am wondering if I should open a bug report, or if this is a common problem.
Title: Re: iSpark with Spark2 instrument search
Post by: jimknopf on August 02, 2016, 11:10:56 pm
Confirmed: iSpark is crashing casually when using the instrument browser, no matter if triggered from SparkLE or within iSpark.
It is a bug to be fixed (the number of samples available should not be a problem on my iPad Pro 9.7 with 256Gb).