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Title: VERY annoying/New sounds "unload" when I exit Library
Post by: ClydePaquin on July 27, 2016, 02:14:39 pm

I'm with Logic Pro X, Spark 2, the new sounds that I load in the library section "unload" when I exit the Library to go to another section...                     I'm choosing sounds in the library, in instruments... when I load a new sound on a pad and I go back to "Studio" or "Mixer", or "Main", whatever, the new sound "unload" and come back to the previous one... I actually see the previous sound loading bar when I exit the Library. Even if I save before, reload, save the Logic project, the preset in Spark, so I try again and after 2-3 times it finally keep the new sound... Am I missing something or its a glitch?! I always have to go back to library, choose the sound again, do this 2-3 times before it keep the new sound, pretty annoying, a guy at Arturia told me to repair permission, and the read and write thing, but doesn't change anything... my files are all read and write, and my permissions repaired...