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Title: Keyboard not triggering envelope
Post by: teddy on July 14, 2016, 11:26:55 pm
I've had my mini for a few years and love it, I use it all the time on all sorts of recordings. Just recently the keyboard has stopped working, it won't trigger the envelope. I found this topic discussed already in a previous thread here:

I have the exact same problem as Pada. when the LFO is sent to AMP it makes sound and I can change notes by pressing the keyboard. The arpeggiator works and I can use the keyboard to change chords and notes, but when I turn the arpeggiator off and turn AMP to 0 i can't get the keyboard to play. Sometimes when I power on I can get it play a note for about .5 or 1 sec but then it no longer works. I flip the gate to hold and back to keyboard but nothing... I tried opening up the unit to see if a cable is loose but it doesn't looked like anything has come detached. Also, there are no green lights at all coming from either EG anymore. I suspect the problem is somewhere between the keyboard and EG... I'd appreciate and advice anyone can give me