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Title: Connecting Beatstep Pro with Polyplex
Post by: biospherix on June 29, 2016, 10:36:25 am
Hi everyone.

Managed to connect my (new) BSP to practically all my external kit it and it's been working fine. It also works great with NI Kontakt, however I'm having problems mapping NI Reaktor 5's Polyplex to the Drum Sequence, even though I've set it up to send/rec Midi over CH10, it's just not responding to the pads. Works fine on SEQ1 (CH1) and SEQ2 (CH2), just not DRUM.

I've tried Midi-Learn, it can see the channels but the pads still won't respond /play.

Anyone have an idea how to set it up?

Appreciate any help in advance, cheers.