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Title: prophet crash
Post by: cedrimske on June 25, 2016, 12:34:27 pm
Hello i have one concern with the vsti prophet V3 when I launched this one in first, with the komplete kontrol s49 or maschine  he crashes the software. Before the update, all worked well, but since i have made the update of V collection 4, it's not working. i uninstalled old plugin of the V4 and i kept only the V4 update and since it bugs when I want to launch Prophet V3 in first in maschine and in Komplete kontrol
 thank you
i give you the message of the crash

Title: Re: prophet crash
Post by: LBH on June 25, 2016, 08:39:01 pm
I don't use those controllers. For that reason i hav'nt read your crash report.
I have NI software. And in my Komplete Kontrol software Prophet V3 load and apparantly don't crash. But i mostly don't use the Komplete Kontrol Software. So i don't know if it crash if using it a long time.

But just to be sure, - do you have the latest update of Prophet V3? It's not clear if you have updated the V3 version or only upgraded from V2 in V collection 4 to the first version of V3 in V collection 5.
A crash issue in the first V3 (V collection 5) version has been fixed. So try to update to the latest version if you hav'nt.

If i was you i would keep the V collection 4 applications too. There are differences between V-collection 4 and 5. You can read about that in the forum and on Arturias web-site.
They install nicely alongside eachother with different names.

Title: Re: prophet crash
Post by: cedrimske on July 07, 2016, 05:11:42 pm
hi and thank  :D
it s the latest update of Prophet V3
i am mad because arturia give no solution and dont reply
Title: Re: prophet crash
Post by: LBH on July 07, 2016, 07:37:55 pm

Your welcome.

Unfortunately i don't have a solution either.
If you use VST's, then if you use VST3, then you can try a VST 2 to see if it make any difference.